Lululemon Pants Work as Maternity Pants!

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Interested in finding some Lululemon pants that actually fit throughout pregnancy and beyond? Well, there are finally a pair that feel comfortable on your growing belly and that won’t make you look like a stuffed sausage. I wore these almost everyday from the second trimester on.  They are extremely stretchy and made me feel like I was somewhat normal. Plus, I at least looked a little more normal.  Holding on to some sense of normalcy when you gain about a pound every other day, is everything. Please note: Lululemon doesn’t make maternity clothes per se, so please know that I am not saying these pants are specifically for pregnant ladies.

Wish these would have existed sooner, because it seems like a struggle to start exercising in any other version.  The Align pants are so light and airy.  The price point isn’t terrible, compared to other pants from Lululemon.  Just think about it as an investment, plus, I am sure you will wear them nearly everyday, once you put them on once. The higher rise covers part of the baby bump and makes you look as sleek as possible while you are growing another human being.

Having three babies and being a label whore, I have run the gamut of pregnancy clothing options.  I have bought tons of cheap, trendy items, some more expensive pieces that didn’t last as long as I thought they would given the price point and even hit a wall and gave up and just wore the same thing every day.  There is hope and a happy medium in between.  Now, what you wear, shouldn’t certainly define you or make you feel down about yourself.  But let’s be honest. When you are pregnant and not in control of much in your life, especially when it comes to your body, having a few things that make you feel a little better about your changing shape is nothing to be ashamed about.

align maternity pants pregnancy how tutorial ampersand mint mommy blog

What other clothing pieces have you found that you love to wear over and over during pregnancy?



Why You Should Register at Target for Every Pregnancy

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I am on my third child.  I don’t have the expectation that I am having any more baby showers. Anyway, there is still a way for you to have a mini shower for yourself after you have have the first child shower and didn’t even know what to register for. Hey maybe, people should have a do-over shower and actually register for things they need instead of things they think they need.  I certainly thought I did my research as a first time mom, but then life happened and my daughter didn’t like any of the things I picked.  Typical.

Well, never fear.  You should still create a registry at Target for subsequent children.  Why? Because when the due date you have chosen when creating the registry passes, you get an awesome coupon in your email for 15% off!  5 years ago when I had my first, you only received a 10% off coupon, but now–we have some sort of benefit from that Target breach! Increased savings in the form of a larger coupon and the RedCard savings of an additional 5% off!! Score.

Here’s what you can do to save even more for Baby #2, #3, etc.:

  1. Sign up for the registry and make it private.  This means, no one can view it, except for you.  Calm down, all you obsessive sharers can still send the link to your friends or close family members if you want.
  2. I picked a due date that was about a month before my baby was due, because I did not want to be the zombie mom walking the aisles in my pajamas after the baby was born so I could use the amazing coupon.  But thats just me. And it makes me feel sneaky because Target doesn’t really know that I am not having the baby that day.  I know, total weirdo.
  3. Throw everything you think you might need, want, like for the new one.  Even stuff for the current kids you have can go on there: think size 5 diapers, more wipes, big kid toys? Whatever.  Just make sure it is exactly what you need.  For example, if you put newborn size diapers on there, the coupon will not work for the larger-sized diapers.  The item you put on the registry has to be exact one in your cart.
  4. Check Cartwheel while you are there shopping and using your registry completion coupon, because you may find even more savings.
  5. You can add stuff to your registry while you are shopping.  Meaning, if it wasn’t already on there, throw it on when you are in the store.  Be sure the print out the final registry at the end of your shopping, otherwise, your coupon likely won’t work because the items you added while in the store were not on there if you printed it out first. Capiche?
  6. To use the coupon, you have to print out the registry in the store and then use the barcode from the email you were sent with the 15% off  coupon.  The coupon does expire, so don’t wait forever.  Plus, savings are good for one in-store shopping trip and one online purchase. Genius.

Thrift Store Find of the Week-Crewcuts Treasures

While I was in Silicon Valley recently for work, I just happened to stay in a hotel that was across the street from Goodwill!  I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that I went every day after work.  Really unnecessary, but I did find several things a few days in a row that I may not have found if I skipped a day.

Interestingly, people in the Valley have amazing taste in kid’s clothing but seem to wear a boring uniform to work.  There were so many items of clothing that were black and about 95% of the shoes were black too.  I was kind of bummed, because I was assuming everything would apparently be from a J. Crew ad.  This is California after all!

I happened upon a cute purple Crewcuts (J. Crew kids) everyday jacket.  It was possibly worn one or two times.  I am sure it was over $50 new and I got it for $3.48.

crewcuts quilted jacket thrift store tutorial how to coupon deal lifestyle mommy blog

I also found a pair of gold ballerina flats, also from Crewcuts in a size 8T which had never been worn.  These cost me $2.48 and would retail for $36.  I was super excited, because I love Crewcuts clothing, but it is much too expensive at this point for my little ones to make it worth it.

Jcrew crecwcuts ballet flats thrift store tutorial how to coupon deal lifestyle mommy blog

See all my other amazing thrift finds and share your best deals from the thrift store with me on Instagram.What have you found lately?

Restoration Hardware Review: Adirondack Antler Chandelier

Restoration Hardware Antler Chandelier review lifestyle blog mommy diy tutorial how to coupon sale

You might know that in a quest to get my daughter to sleep in her own “big girl bed”, I stupidly redecorated basically the largest bedroom in my house with what I thought were the cutest things ever.  And they are.  But she will not sleep in there.  Makes me miss our two bedroom condo, since I sleep with my two daughters in the same bed anyway and my husband, who works nights, sleeps in the second bedroom.

I may have decorated it the way I would have wanted my bedroom if I was a little girl, but that is beside the point.  Don’t choke on your coffee.  I bought the damn Adirondack Antler Chandelier from Restoration Hardware. For $1625.  It may have been slightly on sale, but there is a delivery fee and everything.  But you know what? I love it.  I get it, what a rip off for a light.  In a room that is not used.  But, it someday will be used and the chandelier fits perfectly in a room of larger scale.  Yes, it costs as much as a mortgage payment, but I did wait months and mull it over before buying it and then begged my husband for forgiveness.

Here is my honest, unsolicited review.  Not even a penny was paid by Restoration Hardware, because my blog is not that fabulous. Yet.

The chandelier is gorgeous.  I painted the room matte white to contrast with the brown and beige tones in the chandelier, to make it the focal point of the room. Here are the highlights:

  • It looks real, but isn’t, and its high quality.  It better be for that price.  I thought the antlers would be real, but they are not.  They are modeled after antlers that have naturally shed from animals in the wild.  Yes, apparently we have to go that far in terms of legal disclosures (damn lawyers).  But, hey if you are into that sort of thing, you can feel good knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this fab lighting piece.
  • My husband hung the chandelier with my help and he is not an expert electrician.  It was heavy, about 36 pounds, but it has yet to fall down. Maybe its a good thing no one is in the room, right now? Our house is sort of new, so I am not sure about older light fixture insides (see I’m no expert either) being able to hold that amount of weight.  But our builder grade home light thing said it was able to hold up to 40 pounds.
  • The only thing that slightly bothers my sort of OCD brain is that the ball thing where the chandelier is affixed to the ceiling and the other ball things that look like they anchor the pieces together are like a weird color not found in nature and conflicts with the natural color of the antlers.  I will get over it, but if I had to find something that was a little negative about it, that would be it.  Total reach, I know.

I still regret not making this room a giant nursery for the baby.  But, this chandelier looks so good in so many rooms (if you have the larger scale room) it is hard to ultimately decide where is should go.

Thrift Store Find of the Week-Paige Maternity Jeans

For me, its often really hard to find decent maternity clothes at thrift stores.  People either wear tents or must be waiting 12 years to drop off their used items at the thrift store.  Seriously.  I have started to find a ton of nice Target items which is fun because they are new and I know they are much cheaper than buying them in the store.

thrift store paige maternity jeans jimmy jimmy crop lifestyle blog save coupon tutorial diy &mint

The other day, I was shocked to find a pair of Paige Maternity Jimmy Jimmy Crop jeans with a demi panel (if you don’t know what this means, you will when you are pregnant).  The jeans are a dark wash, were never hemmed and were never even worn.  I looked them up and they are for sale at Nordstrom or the Paige website for $198.  They were a bit big for me, but I figured I would grow into them and at $4.99, I ran up to the checkout before I had someone come up and say, those are not priced right!

See all my other amazing thrift finds and share your best finds from the thrift store with me on Instagram.



Golden Rules of Thrift Shopping: Rule #2

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If it doesn’t fit like it needs to and hemming or altering it is going to cost quite a bit, you need to leave it.  Just because its a deal, doesn’t mean you have to look terrible wearing it.  Whatever you buy, whether it be from a thrift store or a designer shop, needs to fit you.  For instance, if you don’t look good in a halter top, why are you going to buy one at a thrift store, even if it is $2?

Same goes with dresses and pants.  If they need to be altered so severely that they will need to be completely reconstructed, maybe, just maybe, they aren’t worth it.  Now there are always exceptions.  But, in general. If the item doesn’t fit in a way that makes you look your best, don’t buy it.  You can do better and still save money.  There will be something else and you will look fabulous in it.

In the past I have bought a ton of things that I think I will eventually fit into just because they are designer brands, but it isn’t worth it. Many times, they don’t ever end up fitting me or I find something else I like better by the time I do fit into the item.  Plus, there is the fact that people use only 20% of what they own, 80% of the time.  A closet full of designer duds doesn’t really save you money, even if it came from the thrift store if you can’t even wear it all.

Learn all the Rules in the Golden Rule Series

Going thrift store shopping something genius and frugal people tend to do.  But, there are ways to thrift and there are ways to throw away your money just like you would be doing by paying full price at a retailer.  You also hopefully want to avoid becoming a low grade hoarder like I did for a while because I had no idea what I was doing.

You don’t have to wonder how to thrift or be afraid of walking in those doors any longer.  Read my series: The Golden Rules of Thrift Shopping and you will be, well, golden.  Some rules may not apply to you or apply at any given time, but its best to have them in the back of your mind, just in case.

Happy Thrifting. Remember to share your finds with us on Instagram!


Thrift Store Find of the Week: Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookshelf

I am trying to go more minimalist and stay out of the stores, including thrift stores, I guess.  But that didn’t work yet again this weekend.  When the rest of the family took off for a family get together in another state, I was left. alone.

My truck went right to Goodwill. But. It’s not all bad I suppose.  I found some of the nicest things I have ever found at Goodwill.  You might have read in my previous posts that I always seem to find brand new Target merchandise at Goodwill. Today, I might have hit the motherlode.  I walked through the furniture section absentmindedly, since I don’t need any new furniture.

Successfully looked through the baby clothes with no pangs of guild for passing them all up, since I already have two girls’ worth of clothing for this new one on the way. I did see some cute Marimekko rash guards though. Too bad they were 9M size and would be worn like .5 times. Anyway, I walked back toward the books for no reason since I need no more books for the rest of my life.

Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookshelf thrift store find how to tutorial deal lifestyle mommy blog &mint coupon sale
via Babyletto

And then I saw them.  TWO Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookshelves. TWO! One grey and one white.  I looked around me to see if I was going to have to fight off some other lady who spotted them at the same time as me, but I was safe.  I checked my phone and determined they they were $179 each at Target and then I grabbed the nearest worker and asked him to snag them for me and put them up front.  I sort of embarrassingly bought them both because I clearly still have a shopping addiction and I couldn’t decide between what happen to be my two favorite colors and they were marked $64.99 each.  With my coupon, they came to $48 each.  Don’t ever go to Goodwill without your coupon.

babyletto spruce tree bookshelf tutorial design lifestyle blog &mint

My mom has this bookshelf at her house in the playroom she designed for the kids.  I have loved it forever, but would never have spent full price on it, even though my love of books is not rivaled by much.  Check out the two shelves in my house.  I put the white one in the kid’s playroom and the grey one at the top of the stairs.  I have struggled with this area that I call the “landing” since I moved into our house three years ago.  I think it looks pretty cute with books and toys and makes a cute area for the kids to all play when they wake up at 5 am and I don’t feel like moving.

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Golden Rule of Thrift Shopping: #3 Never Go To Goodwill Without a Coupon

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One of the most popular posts on &mint is about the top 10 ways to save money at Goodwill.  So I wanted to remind you that you should never. ever. go to Goodwill without a coupon.  How do you get one? Its super easy.  Drop something off at their donation drop off and when they give you your tax information slip, at the bottom is a coupon you can use for 25% off your purchase under $100.  You don’t have to drop off a bus load of donations to get the coupon.  You just need to get rid of things around your house that you aren’t using anyway.  Everyone has at least a small box full of those don’t they?

The coupon only works on items that aren’t already on sale. So if you are going on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, they will usually have a colored tag that is on sale.  For items with those colored tags, this coupon will not apply.  But it works on everything else.  Including the red tags which means the merchandise is new from Target and rarely goes on sale.

You have no excuse not to be shopping with a Goodwill coupon.

See my series on the Golden Rules of Thrift Shopping or my finds of the week!  What have you found at the thrift store?